Copy Files to Multiple Locations with n2ncopy


You can easily copy file from one location to another using Windows Explorer but what to do when we want to copy files from one location to multiple locations. We can use the copy paste functionality many times simultaneously but that is time consuming and running several copy processes together gives a reduced performance. n2ncopy is a free utility that using which you can copy files to multiple locations easily.

After installing the program and running it, you will notice a small window with a green and blue column in the bottom right corner of the Desktop. You can drag the files that you want to copy in the green area and drag the locations in the blue area. You can then right click on the small window and another interface will open which will show you all the files/folders that you have dropped. You can specify what to do if the file names are identical in the target location. You can either “Overwrite” the file or “Rename it Automatically”. You can also specify the whether you want to “copy” or “Move” the files. After you have checked it, click on the “Do the Task” button and the files will be copied or moved.

You will get a window specifying the successful operation. The program is free and can run on Windows systems.


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