Divide Your Desktop into Regions with MaxTo


MaxTo is a free software program that allows you to divide your Desktop Screen into different regions that behave independently of each other. The program also works with multiple monitors. With Dual monitor and Widescreen displays getting popular, you can open several applications at once on them comfortably. If you use the maximize button on a window, it will occupy the whole screen and you will have to manually resize each window that you have opened. This is where MaxTo comes handy.

On running the application for the first time, you can create as many regions as you like on the monitors connected. You can divide the screen vertically, horizontally or you can manually drag the lines to split the screen. Now when you maximize a window which is within a region, it will occupy the whole of that region rather than taking up the whole desktop space. This way you can have several well organized Windows open on your Computer. If you don’t want to divide the screen manually, you can use the several different monitor profiles that are available. You can even configure an alternate arrangement and can switch to it if you want. This is quite useful if you want to have a different setup for different purpose. The application also has keyboard shortcuts which allow you to quickly move a window from one region to another, maximize a window or switch to the alternative arrangement.

One of the drawbacks of the application is that it takes a lot of resources. When i ran it on my computer, it was taking around 24MB. The program is a freeware and runs on Windows XP/Vista and requires .net Framework 2.0.