Download Music from with Music Downloader

lastfm music downloader

One of the most popular Websites for Listening to Music online is It gives you a lot of options in terms of custom radio stations, artists and music genre. But sometimes, you must be thinking that you can also save the track that you are listening to. Music Downloader is a free and portable application that lets you download music from radio station.

The software is very simple and easy to use. To download music, just paste the URL of the radio station into the application and hit the ‘Start’ button. The playlist will then begin downloading to your hard disk. The files will be named as artist – track title.mp3 by default and the deep folder layout option will sort them into \artist\album sub directories. You can also customize a few things like the Save Folder, download speed limit, album art downloading and the maximum number of downloads. It also generates the ID3 tags automatically.

This is a good application if you are looking to download music from It runs on Windows.