Save and Restore Position of Desktop Icons with DesktopOK


DesktopOK is a small freeware application using which you can save and restore the position of  Desktop Icons. If you have all your Desktop icons organized in a particular manner, then changing the resolution messes up all your icons positions. Using this small application, you can save the position of your desktop icons so you don’t have to worry when you change the resolution.

The program does not need to be installed and you can run it directly. The program will quietly sit minimized in the system tray. You can save your icons positions for each resolution and separate users can save there separate arrangements for the same resolution. The program has a save option which can save the position and a restore option which can restore the position. You can also delete an arrangement if you want.

The program is very useful if you change your screen resolution frequently. It is a very small software and runs on windows.