Unlock Files/Folders which are Locked by Processes using UnlockMe

You may have noticed that sometime when you try to delete a file or folder in Windows, you are unable to do so as you get an error like “Access is Denied”, “File is in use by another program”, “Source or destination file may be in use” etc. UnlockMe is a software useful for such situations. It is a free utility which enables to delete, move, rename files and folders which are temporarily locked by other processes.


The program has a very simple and easy to use GUI. It has two buttons which are called “Select Locked File” and “Select Locked Folder”. Click on the buttons and select the file or folder which are locked and it will unlock them. It will display a message saying that the particular file or folder was unlocked successfully. If you want to avoid even this hassle, then just right click on the file and folder which is locked and select ‘Unlock Me’ and the file or folder will be unlocked.

This is nice utility using which you can avoid such irritating situations when you are looking to delete or move a file or folder and are getting the above mentioned error. It is a freeware and works on Windows.