SmoothDraw – Painting and Image Editing Software

SmoothDraw is a free image editing and natural painting application. Windows comes with a Paint utility but it hasn’t changed much with each version. SmoothDraw is a nice hand drawing software using which you can produce high quality pictures. It is also very intuitive and very easy to use.


The program has a wide range of Brushes which include Pen, Leaky Pen, Digital Pencil, Digital Airbrush, Dry Media, Bristle Brush, Graffitti etc. Apart from that, it also includes a lot of Dab brushes like Grass, Start etc which can work with user selected images. You can also create some user defined brushes with the images that you select and then load these brushes using the Dab. While drawing, you can also modify the brush size and the Ink flow of each brush. It also allows you to work with layers as you can create layers. You can modify the properties of each layer and select from the four types of the layer blend mode. You can modify your images by controlling brightness, gamma, hue, saturation, grayscale etc. It also provide some basic effects that can be added to your picture.

SmoothDraw is a great software and if you love free hand drawing, then you should definitely try it out. Even i found myself exploring all the nice brushes it offers.If yoy have a tablet PC or a stylus for drawing, then you can create amazing things. The program is a freeware and works with Windows. It requires .Net Framework 2.0.


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  1. Pools says:

    i am looking for the best image editing/paint software i can get, i need to use it for image editing, making cards, award certificates, calendars etc, i am also looking for plenty of effects and all of the usual tools. i am confused as to which is the best.
    merry christmas to all and kind regards.