taskTome – Lightweight Personal Information Manager

taskTome is a lightweight personal information manager that includes a task list, planner, note pad and a financial planner. It always displays all this useful information in a neat manner without too much cluttering. It gives you a lot of options like search, print, customize, export data.


It includes a monthly planner in which you can add events. The events can be set to get expired at a certain time or set to repeat at regular interval. It also includes a Task Module which allows you to maintain a task list. You can set a category, date and priority with each task. Tasks that have been completed can be hidden. You can also add notes to the application and it also offers tabbed notes browsing, rich text editing, spell check and search within a note. It also has a money planner which allows you to manage finances with bank/cash balances. You can add as many accounts you like in the money planner.All the data that you enter can be exported in CSV format.

If you are looking for a very basic task manager application without too many features, you will find that it is a useful program. The program is a freeware and works on Windows XP/Vista. A portable version is also available.