Polaris – Google Analytics Desktop Adobe AIR Client

Polaris is an Adobe AIR Desktop client which lets you view your Google Analytics stats right on your Desktop. Google Analytics is one of the best tools available for webmasters. Earlier, you had to visit the analytics website in order to check out the website’s stats. But now the Google Analytics team has released the API in beta and this is a good news for developers as it will enable them to create more applications for the general public.

Polaris in one such application that brings the Google Analytics stats right to your Desktop. A similar Adobe AIR application was also available before and Polaris is from the same author. Polaris is also the first Adobe AIR application which has been built using the Google Analytics API. The small and pretty application brings you almost all the functionality to your Desktop. It has been designed as a small desktop widget. The application shows you the Dashboard, Visits overview, Maps overlay, Traffic Sources, Top Contents, Referring Sites, Keywords and Goal Values. You can also change the date range if you want. The interface is a bit small but looks pretty.

The free version of Polaris allows you to view only a single website profile while the paid version which is available for $15 allows you to view the stats of multiple websites.

One Comment

  1. This is one of the best adobe air application I have come across. Now I use two adobe air application excessively “tweetdeck” and “Polaris”
    It helped me to easily keep track of popular keywords from my blog and I can use them as anchor text to increase ranking.

    I will highly recommend this application for all the Google analytic user.