NoteTab Light is a Free Notepad Replacement

There are a lot of free and good notepad replacements available. NoteTab Light is another great Notepad replacement and it is also a very good HTML editor. It has a neat tabbed interface allowing you to work on several files at once.

This utility comes with a lot of formatting options and commands. If you want to copy and paste text from a pile of files, you can set up a Paste Board to save text clips automatically. It can also search and replace text across all documents that are open and it also supports Regular Expressions. It can also open links and previews in Web Browser. You can also speed up your work by using text macros. Some of its other features include support for templates, sort/join/split/indent lines, strip HTML tags from documents, drag and drop editing. It can also read and write files in DOS ASCII, UNIX, EBCDIC, and Mac formats. It also has an Auto Correct and Auto replace mode.

NoteTab Light is a freeware and the standard and Pro versions are also available with some extra features at a small price. It runs on Windows.



  1. Gopinath M says:

    I’ve not tried application, but I feel NotePad++ is the best replacement for NotePad. It’s as faster & lightweight as NotePad and a powerful source code editor.

    It’s one among first 5 apps that I install on my PC

  2. @gopinath

    Notepad ++ is no doubt the best but this is also a nice alternative