Delete Files Permanently with RightDelete

Whenever you delete any files from your Computer, it is not permanently deleted. The files that you delete from recycle bin or by using “Shift + Del” can easily be recovered using any Data Recovery Program. RightDelete is a small and free application using which you can securely delete files from your Computer such that they cannot be recovered by any program.

To delete files, RightDelete uses the seven pass method, i.e. it overwrites the contents with $00, $ff, $00, $ff, $00, $ff, random(256) before deleting the files and flushing the buffers. This ensures that your files cannot be recovered. When you run this application, it will ask you whether you want to add it to to the context menu. Click on ‘Ok’ and an option will be added to the right click menu. To delete any files securely, simple right click on the file and select “Securely Delete This File”. It will ask you for a confirmation, click on ‘Ok’ and the file will be deleted permanently.

Before removing the program, simple run the program again and remove the context menu integration. The program is a freeware and works with almost all the version of Windows.



  1. Ajith says:

    Excellent tool man. I was wondering if there’s any tool to do a check on soft-deleted files on the PC. When I change the PC, I usually give it away to my relatives. Sometimes, I format in the process of reinstalling Windows. Does it necessarily hard-delete all files existing? I am talking about quick format here.

  2. The files are not permanently deleted. They can be recovered using any recovery software. To permanently delete the files, use a software like DBAN

  3. Ajith says:

    Thanks for letting me know about DBAN… So some goodies from the good old days must be still lying there on my old PCs 😆