How to Enable Equalizer in Windows Media Player 12

If you have tried Windows 7 Beta or RC release, you must have noticed that it is coming with Windows Media Player 12. Windows Media Player 12 has an enhanced graphical user interface and comes with some more built-in codecs. If you try it out in detail, you will notice that the equalizer and other enhancements settings like SRS Wow effects, Cross fading, Dolby Settings, Video Settings are missing. Actually they are not missing but they have been repositioned. Here is the way you can find those settings.

The Enhancement setting in Windows Media Player 12 is now available in Now Playing View or Skin Mode. So to view the equalizer and other enhancements, you will have to switch to Now Playing View or Skin View. Here is how you can do that

  • In the Library View, Click on the Switch to Now Playing Icon and you will be taken to Now Playing View

  • You can also press the Alt key to display the menu bar. Then go to View –> Skin or Now Playing to change to Now Playing or Skin view. You can also use shortcut keys Ctrl + 2 or Ctrl + 3 to switch to skin or Now playing view.

  • Right click in the Now Playing view and select Enhancements. You will find all the options there like Equalizer, Play Speed Setting, Quiet mode etc

  • You can also press the Alt Key in the Now Playing View to bring the menu bar, from there go to View-> Enhancements to get the settings
  • In the Skin mode, just go to View-> Enhancements to get the enhancements.
  • You can modify the settings that you like.

If you face any problems, do let me know


  1. VJ says:

    Beta..yeah..was heard to find the EQ…for RC just right click and there it is………