Tweak Windows 7 with WinBubbles Lite 2009

WinBubbles Lite 2009 is a customization and tweaker program for Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista. It is very small in size, lightweight and it lets you quickly access the most important customization function of Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

This small utility includes a built in Graphical User Interface program called RegDevelop that will let you update the program the way you want. Some of its features and customization include

  • Branding your new Vista and Windows 7 Machine
  • Add or Change Original Manufacturers logo and information
  • Customize the Performance Information and Tools Logo
  • Customize the Background of Windows 7 Welcome Screen
  • Add Message before logon
  • Customize Bubbles Screen Saver
  • Add “Move To” and “Copy To” Right-Click Menu
  • Disable Windows Task Manager
  • Disable Changing of Wallpaper
  • and lots more

The program is very small in size and also works in Windows Vista along with Windows 7.


One Comment

  1. Maharshi says:

    This one is a boon for a customization lovers like me. Thanks for the share buddy.