FileHamster Lite is a Version Tracking Application

Version Tracking is quite essential when one is a part of a multi person project but the same can be used for solo purpose also. Version Tracking is mostly needed by coders, designers, artist or anyone who makes a lot of changes to a file. FileHamster Lite is a free Version Tracking application that keeps a backup of the older version of the files so that you can look at the changes that you have made or revert back to an older version in case something goes wrong.

After running it, just select the folder that you want to monitor. You may add all the files or choose selected files that it should monitor for any changes. The files will then be monitored and a backup will be made before any changes are made to it. Whenever any change is made, you can also add a comment describing what you did. You can also access any older version of the files any time you want. The program can be customized as well. You can specify the extensions of the files that you want to monitor and you can also specify how many revisions to save. You can even keep it from storing the revisions of very large files. The functionality of the program can be extended by using plugins.

A pro version of the software is available with more features. The Lite version is sufficient for basic work. It works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista and requires .net Framework 2.0.