Search and Download Movie Information and Box Art with Movie411

Movie411 is a free application using which you can search and download movie information along with the DVD box art. If you are a movie collector and has a good collection, you can make it even better by storing the complete details and covers for each movie.

The interface of the program is very simple. Just enter the name of the movie and click ‘Search’. It will show you all the matching results, just select the result that you want and click on save and it will downloaded to your Save location. You can select which information you want to save which include movie information, Front Cover and Back Cover. You can quickly preview each result be selecting it. You can also select the Online Movie Database which you want to search. It collects and saves all the movie information in an easy to read text file.

The program is quite useful if you have a large movie collection and you want to complete it by having all the  DVD covers and information. It is a freeware and runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and requires .Net Framework 3.