Create Custom Calendars with TKexe Kalender

TKexe Kalendar is a a free application which allows you to create attractive and colourful photo calendars. You can either use the stock photography or the images of your choice in designing the Calendar. After that, you can print it out for use in your home or office.

You can add upto 20 images on each monthly display. The calendar can also be customized easily. You can customize the page layout by drag and drop of elements. You can apply a design to the entire year or have a different one for each month. The program also offers some basic image editing features. You can rotate images and add some special effects to them. The program also includes some templates that you can use. You can also add your personal events to the calendar and it also includes holidays from 10 different countries.

The interface may not be the best but it does allow you to create some beautiful Calendars. It is a freeware and runs on Windows.