Get Information about a Video with Video Inspector

How many times have you faced the problem of your Video files not playing properly on a Computer System. Sometimes the sound may be missing or sometimes the audio may be missing inspite of having a codec package installed. Many of us deal with such problems by installing yet another Codec package which might work but is not the best way to deal with such situations. Video Inspector is a free application that can give you a detailed information about a video file on your Computer.

With Video Inspector, you can find out why the video file has not sound or is not playing properly. It also gives you the information about the codecs that are needed. It can also scan your system and find out what codecs are installed. You can integrate the application with the Windows Explorer. It supports all the major video formats. After you have selected a video file, it will provide you with the codec information along with other information like duration, resolution, fps, bit rate etc. It also tells you whether the proper codecs are installed that are needed to play the video and it also gives you the download link to download the codec. It also includes some extra feature like File Integrity check, batch file analysis and much more.

You can also use VLC player to play all your video files but for those who don’t prefer it, this may be a good tool to find which codec is missing. It is a freeware and works on Windows.



  1. blinkky says:

    It’s a good software. Maybe someday i need it =)

  2. Gagan says:

    I have never came across any video problem yet, but it can be a useful tool for future.. downloading it now.. thanks 🙂