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Remove Norton Products from Your Computer with Norton Removal Tool

If you have installed any Norton products on your Computer, then sometimes it does not uninstall properly when you try to remove it from the Add Remove Menu. Norton Removal Tool can be used to uninstall all the Norton Products from the Computer.

Tweak Windows 7 with Windows 7 Little Tweaker

Windows 7 Little Tweaker is a simple and small utility which can be used to Tweak Windows 7. It is not a full fledged software but it can be used to activate a few useful extra features of Windows 7. The program requires no installation and has a very simple interface. Just tick the tweaks […]

Carry Your Applications with You on USB Drive with CodySafe

CodySafe is a freeware which allows you to turn your USB drive into a “Computer on a Stick”. You can install it on a USB drive and then it can be used to install your favourite applications on the USB drive so that you can carry it with you anywhere. It can also manage all […]

Convert Image Files with 36 Image Converter

36 Image Converter is a free application which can be used to convert your image files. Apart from that, it also offers a lot of other features which makes it an ideal tool for photography lovers. It offers various conversion options. Many new users will take time to get familiar with all the options but […]

Manage Your Books Collection with BookDB

If you are a book lover and has got a good collection of books, then managing them can be tough. And you might even lend them to some friends and forget about them. BookDB is a free application using which you can create and manage a database of your books with all the information.