Access Your iTunes Library from Anywhere with pulpTunes

If you have got a big music collection at your home in iTunes and you wish to access it from anywhere like office or somewhere else, try pulpTunes. It is an open source Web Server that allows you to access your music library from any Computer that is part of the network. The good thing is that nothing needs to be installed on the remote computers and the library can be accessed using the web browser.

pulpTunes can stream mp3 or other types of files over the Internet so that you can listen to it from anywhere. The Server uses the iTunes XML library file as the source of content and so does not even require iTunes to be running. After you install it on the machine, a little orange icon will appear in the system and will give you a machine IP address. You can access your music from anywhere by pointing your Web Browser to that address. It support mp3 and aac files. You can even download songs with right click. It can also display cover art and can also generate direct links for songs and play lists so that you can send them to your friends. It also has the Party Shuffle feature and you can also adjust the buffer level depending on your connection. It is very easy to use and require no technical knowledge.

It should be running in the local machine if you want to access your music from anywhere. It is a freeware and works on Windows, Linux and Mac and requires Java 1.5 or later.


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