Ditto is a Free Clipboard Manager with Network Support

The default Windows Clipboard does not have enough functionality to be really useful. Ditto is a Free Clipboard Manager for Windows that is also network enabled. It can store a history of all your clipboard items so that you can paste them later. If it is running on multiple machines in a network, you can also send your clipboard items for sharing with other users.

It can save any type of data that you copy into the clipboard be it text, images, html or any custom format. You can also use it to synchronize your clipboards on various machines. It has a search feature using which you can quickly find your clipboard items that you want to paste. You can access the program by using a hotkey and you can also drag and drop items into it. All your clipboard items are stored in a database which can be compacted and saved anywhere on the computer. You can also specify the maximum number of entries that you want the program to save.

It is quite a useful application and a good replacement for Windows Clipboard Manager. It is a freeware and runs on all the version of Windows.