Reduce Size of MP3 Files with MP3 Quality Modifier

Mp3 Quality Modifier is a freeware which enables you to change the quality of MP3 files so as the reduce the size of the file while maintaining the desired audio quality. Sometimes this may help you in storing more files in your mp3 player of USB device or you can just save some disk space.

The program accomplishes this task by adjusting the bit rate based on the quality profile or custom settings that you choose. If you want greater control over the output, you can change the sample frequencies and adjust the stereo settings. The program comes with some presets and you can also choose your own settings. The program has got a very intuitive interface and you can work with many files and folders at once. All the tasks can be accomplished with just a few clicks and the program retains the ID3 tags information. You can also compare the new file with the original.

The program is portable and requires no installation. Just run the executable file and get to work. The program is a freeware and runs on almost all the version of Windows.


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