Fotografix is a tiny and portable Image Editor

Fotografix is one of the smallest Image Editor you will ever come across. Though it isn’t a true substitute for Adobe Photoshop, but with just 700Kb in size, it has many of the features that you see in Photoshop. It is a good editor to have on your USB drive so that you can use it from anywhere for quick image editing.

The interface of the program is very simple and similar to Photoshop. It has some useful feature like support for layers and masks. It has features like Gradient tool, Magic Wand, Rubber Stamp, Brush, eye dropper, marquee tool etc. It also has some Blur and Stylization filters that you can use to enhance and correct your images. It can be used easily for your daily basic editing tasks while experienced designers can use its advanced feature to compose rich artwork. It also use Scripts so that you can also automate your repetitive tasks. It is not a full fledged replacement for Photoshop but it can be used for small photo editing works and you can easily carry it with you anywhere on USB drive.

The program is free, portable and very very small in size. It runs on Windows XP/Vista/7.