Assign Drive Letters to Folders with VirDir Manager

VirDir Manager is a freeware that lets you assign Drive Letters to Folders. Files and folders can be managed more effectively using this. It lets you map your folder paths to drive letters so that you can access them quickly. This is especially useful for directories which are very deeply nested and has quite a large folder path. It can also work with networked folders.

Using this, you can transform a long folder path like “C:/my files/Sem 4/Comp” to something like “F:”. This software makes no modification to your files and folders. It centralizes and uses two native Windows functions to allow you to map both local AND network shares to drive letters. Your files and folders are untouched. The interface is simple and easy to use. Just select an unused drive letter and the folder path to which you want to map it and then it will be quickly mapped. The interface also displays all the mapped folders along with the respective drive letters.

This is a useful entity which can save a lot of time while accessing long nested folders. It is a freeware and works on Windows.


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  1. Anjul says:


    Same stuff can be done without this utility by using SUBST command.
    Look at this post –