Create Folders Quickly with New Folder Wizard

Creating a lot of New Folders in Windows can be a very time consuming and frustrating process. New Folder Wizard is a freeware that lets you create thousands of New Folders quickly and easily based on a custom naming template. It has a lot of options using which you can name your folders.

The Folder names can be built by using a prefix, suffix and an incremental number or you can also use a text file containing the names. Just type the folder names you want in the text file and that will be used as a source. The program requires no installation as long as you have Microsoft .Net Runtime files installed. Some of its features include

  • Include a prefix and suffix for your directory names. Put anything you want before and/or after your custom numbering
  • Pad zero’s automatically or up to 16 digits
  • Create up to 20,000 new folders at a time
  • Use custom prefix and/or suffix along with custom folder names coming from a text file
  • Preview all of your new folders before you commit to creating them
  • Copy your generated folder names to the clipboard

The program is a freeware and runs on Windows 2000 and above and requires .Net Framework 2.