Shutdown Computer when it is Idle with Idle Monitor

Idle Monitor is a freeware utility which can monitor the Idle time of the Computer based on the mouse movements. You can also instruct it to Shutdown the computer or launch any program or website when it finds the Computer Idle. Suppose you want to run any application while the Computer is Idle, you can easily schedule it with this utility.

The interface of the program displays the amount of idle time. You can configure the program to Shutdown the Computer to launch any program or open any website when the Computer has been idle for certain minutes. Before the Computer is Shutdown, a timer and a warning Windows is also displayed so that you can cancel the Shutdown process if you want. One of its drawbacks is that it uses the mouse position to determine whether the Computer is Idle or not. So if any program is running in the background, it won’t be considered.

The program is a nice utility which can be used to shutdown the machine when no user is working on it. It is a freeware and runs on Windows 98 and above.