Monitor Network Traffic and Bandwidth Usage with iTraffic Monitor

iTraffic Monitor is a free network monitor and reporting tool that provides a real time graph of network traffic. It provides detailed stats on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis. Using this free application, you can easily keep track of your network activity as well as your bandwidth usage.

It can filter out local network traffic or traffic between specific IP addresses by making use of WinPcap. It generates pretty graphical reports that can be customized. Every aspect of the graph can be changed, from the font, to the colors, and style. You can use the Bandwidth Stop Watch Feature to measure bandwidth usage in a specific time interval. It can also display session stats which start the moment iTraffic Monitor is started and continue until the program is closed. The reports let you see exactly how much Internet traffic data has been transferred to and from your computer. You can select to show data transfer between days, weeks, months or years and it’s also possible to export traffic reports to a spreadsheet compatible text file if needed. The browse mode lets you scroll back and see a graph of the traffic that occurred minutes, even hours earlier.

The program is a freeware and runs on all version of Windows.



  1. niielo says:

    than you for providing such a nice tool

  2. Buy PSP Go says:

    Thanks for this tool, I’m also looking for one that can limit how much bandwidth each individual process gets – I don’t want my downloading to impact on my online gaming or general browsing.