Password Protect Programs and Documents with SaveIt

We all have some programs or documents on our Computer that we would like to protect from someone. It could be a game that we don’t want Children to play or some document that you don’t want others to see. SaveIt is a free application that allows you to protect programs and documents with a password. Only those knowing the password will be able to access the program and the documents.

The program has a very simple interface. Select the program or the exe file that you want to protect and assign a password to it. You can also grant permission to individual users for accessing the application. When anyone tries to access the protected application, he is prompted for the password. The program also supports many extensions. The program also integrates with the Send To menu so you can quickly protect an application with a few clicks.

The program is a freeware and runs on Windows 2000 and above.


  1. Pools says:

    Basically i want to stop people going on my computer and using programs with put my permission, so is there a way i can put a pass word on individual programs?

  2. i dont like ppl using my laptop for their use or for doing tp and then jump into my files n folders and watch all my work stuff. so i shut down the laptop after my use everytime. but this is a good one to have as to protect my things from others using my machine