Enlarge Low Resolution Images with SmillaEnlarger

SmillaEnlarger is an Open Source program that enables you to enlarge your Digital Images without losing much quality. If you have a large collection of pictures of small resolution and you want to convert them to a higher resolution, or you want to enlarge a portion of that image, this software is for you. It enables you to convert a low resolution image into a high resolution copy while maintaining as much of the details as possible and minimizing image noise.

The interface may take a bit getting used to. The original image appears on the left while the modified image can be previewed on the right. To select an image, you have to select a folder where the image is located and them select the image. You can modify the sharpness, Flatness, Presharpen, Dithering and DeNoise of the image. You can zoom the image to the resolution you want or you can specify the height and width of the image manually. There is no Save option as the program saves the copy of the image automatically. The program produces some good results.

The program is free and open source and works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.