TrayScreenSaver lets You Launch ScreenSaver from System Tray

TrayScreenSaver is a free utility which lets you launch your screen saver from the system tray without having to go through all the options.

The program is portable and requires no installation. Just run the program and a small icon appears in the system tray. Double clicking on the icon will launch the default screen saver while you can enable/disable the screen saver by just clicking on the tray icon. Right Click on the tray icon and you will get a list of all the screen savers and you can launch the one that you want. It lists the screen saver by there filenames so you must have some idea about the name. Select settings and it will open the “Screen Saver” Window so you can configure the settings.

This is quite a handy utility for people who like Screen Savers. It is a freeware and runs on all the version of Windows.


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    this is a useful tool to have. thanks for the info.