Pick Color From the Screen with uToolbox Color Picker Tool

uToolbox Color Picker Tool is a freeware utility which is useful to pick any color from the screen or desktop. The values of the selected color can then be displayed in HTML and RGB formats. This is a very useful tool for web developers and designers as they can make use of these color values while designing and developing web pages.

The program has a very simple and easy to use interface. To use it, just drag the color picker icon and move it into the area from where you want to pick the color. The RGB and HTML value of the selected color will then be displayed in the interface window. The program is fast and takes very less memory.

The tool is a freeware and runs on all Windows version.



  1. Hamad says:

    Hey madhur,
    always up to seeing great stuff at your blog.. Your posts are totally about what I like to read and write. I wrote about such an app sometime before. Its called pixie by nattyware. Its a portable app only occupies 11 kb and supports 6 color formats not only HTML & RGB and has a magnifier to magnify some part of screen. I think you must add that app in this post too, its really awesome and valuable. One of my post used apps. this is the original site of the app: http://www.nattyware.com/pixie.php

    I’d appreciate if you read my article about it and leave comments 🙂 http://www.techblog.pk/2009/07/the-color-picker-pixie/