Quitter is a Little Text Based Twitter Client

Twitter has become so popular that you now have host of Twitter Clients to choose from. Quitter is a very simple and small twitter client and it is very different from the rest. It is a Text Based twitter client which runs in the DOS window. So if you love simplicity or you want to use Twitter in office without anyone knowing about it, you will love this.

It is very small in size and it requires no installation and you can run it directly from a flash drive. When you run it, a command window will open and you will be taken for authorization. After you have authorized the application, you can use it. Since it is a text based clients, you wont see any images or other fancy things. You can use keyboard shortcuts to read tweets, direct messages, post a tweet etc. Just type ‘?’ and the program will display all the shortcuts and commands. You can also modify the Text Colour etc.

It is absolutely free to use and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It also requires .Net Framework 2.



  1. it looks like it was cut off from the matrix movie or something.
    As much as I love twitter, I would just wait to get home instead of twitting form that thing form my office.