Delete Evil Tracking Cookies with Cookienator

Many Websites that you visit install Cookies in your browser that can be used to identify you. Not all cookies are bad as they also store your preference settings when you visit certain websites but there are some advertising cookies which you would definitely like to get rid off. Cookienator is a small and free program that can help you to remain anonymous from major search engines as well as advertising networks and other web usage trackers. It can be used to delete Cookies that are primarily for user tracking.

Cookienator is a lightweight program with a simple user interface. When you run it, it will present you with a list of cookies that it would like to remove. You can view the Cookies and you can select whether you want to remove them or not. It does not delete all the cookies. It is preconfigured to select Cookies from a select group of websites. You can also configure Cookienator and modify the filter list and you can also add and remove the websites from the list. You can also configure it to run and check for Evil Cookies every time you log into the Computer. If it finds the Cookies have been there for too long, it will remove them in the background.

It is useful software and works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Adobe Flash. It is a freeware and works with Windows XP, Vista and 7.