Rename Mp3 Files with Toricxs MP3 Renamer

If you have a large Mp3 collection with a lot of disorganized files with missing tag information, Toricxs can help you fix it. It is a free tool which can be used to clean up the appearance of the Mp3, wav and wma files. The program can also be used to edit the tag information and it is also a Mp3/Wav/Wma renamer tool. You can create file names out of the tag information.

The program can help you clean up your file names, remove characters, use a naming scheme from existing tag information and file names. The program also allows you to move and copy files and it can also create backup files before the renaming operation. The program can also move your files in sub directories which is based on the artist, album names etc. The program uses a wizard like interface which guides you through the whole process. It may take time to get used to the software but it is quite a good application.

It is a nice application which can be used to manage and rename your Mp3 files. It is a freeware and runs on Windows.