Manage Your Documents with Benubird PDF

Benubird PDF is a document management system that allows you to manage and archive all your documents from a central location. It provides a powerful range of tools along with a set of filters and search technology which ensures that your files are never more than a few clicks away.

The program is optimized for use with PDF files, images, and Microsoft Office or OpenOffice documents. The files and documents can be organized within virtual folders and you can also monitor local folders on your hard drive for any changes. Even if they are in different folders, you can manage them like they are in a central location. You can add tags and metadata to your files and organize them in collections. You can also change the properties of a single or multiple documents at a go without having to open the files. You can even select various documents and send them as attachment or export them as a zip file. Its search feature is very powerful and you can perform search based on keywords, title, date, author details etc. You can also monitor folder for any changes according to the rules that you specify. The program has a nice ribbon style interface which is easy to use. The program also integrates with the context menu and you can add files to your library quickly just by right clicking on any file. The program has a feature called “Smart Collections” using which you can generate a list of files based on certain rules that you specify.

The program is quite useful if you work with lot of documents. The program is a freeware and works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.