Photology lets you find Photos Easily with Filters

Photology is a freeware photo manager and cataloguing software that lets you find photos quickly using a variety of intuitive filters. Most of the photo manager available allow you to tag your photos and search for them later using the photo tags. But Photology is different as it lets you search for images without the need for adding any tags or organizing them.

The application will monitor selected locations on your computer and will display all the photos found there in its interface. You can also add the locations that you want it to monitor. It analyzes your photos and then you can search for them using intuitive search filters. So instead of searching for photos using tags or folders, you can conduct a search based on faces, sky, color, location (inside or outside), orientation, time of day and other such criteria. You can combine multiple search filters and also perform inverse filtering by holding the Shift button while clicking on a filter. The Colour filers are quite accurate as compared to the other filters. You can even use the text search item to search for images if your photos contain keywords. You can also use it to group and organize your images. You can also share images with other using services like Flickr, Picasa etc. It can also be used to perform minor photo editing and adjustments to your images. Photos can also be printed and also be viewed in a slide show.

Photology is a freeware and runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 and requires .Net Framework 3 and above.


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  1. Pallab says:

    Nice find. The idea of smart filters is nice.