Prevent Laptop From Being Stolen with LAlarm

LAlarm is a free laptop alarm security software. The free program sounds an alarm when a laptop is in danger of being stolen or losing data. For more safety, it can recover and destroy data if the laptop is stolen. The program includes five alarms and other security functions designed to protect laptops and precious data against theft.

The program runs in the background and protects the laptop from a variety of threats. Some of its features are

  • Theft Alarm – It sounds an alarm when someone removes the AV power cord from the laptop when it is locked. LAlarm also warns the owner if the laptop is left unattended in an unsafe place for a period of time
  • Protect data against theft – LAlarm protects sensitive data in a laptop by permanently destroying the data if the laptop is stolen
  • Perimeter Alarm – It alerts when a laptop goes outside a perimeter. It helps prevent laptop misuse and keeps the laptop within a safe boundary
  • Battery Alarm – It alarms when the battery level is low to prevent data loss and potential laptop damage due to sudden power loss
  • Disk Alarm – It alarms when a hard disk drive needs a repair or replacement in order to prevent data loss and laptop failure.
  • And More

You should definitely install this software if you are a laptop owner and travel a lot with the Laptop. The program is free for personal use and runs on Windows.