Create a Backup Image of Your Drive with DriveImage XML

DriveImage XML is a free tool which can enable you to create a complete backup image of any logical drive or partition, allowing to to restore your entire operating system along with installed programs, user settings, registry and all. So whenever you have any problem with system crash or virus problem, you can just replace your current installation with a backup installation.

The program is simple and easy to use. Click on the Backup button and select the drive that you want to Backup. The program will launch a Backup wizard that will guide you. You can create the Backup in “Raw Mode” where the exact copy of your drive will be created including free space and all. You can select “Split Large Files” to split the backup files in chunks of smaller files. The Image creation uses Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Services (VSS) which allows you to create safe “hot images” even from drives currently in use. The Images are stored in XML files, allowing you to process them with 3rd party tools. You can restore the image later to the same or a different drive and can also choose to copy the drive directly to another one. The program also includes an image explorer that lets you open previously created backup images and extract individual files.

The program is very useful for creating a complete Backup. It is free for personal use and runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.