Know About Your Personal Browsing Statistics with about:me Firefox Extension

Firefox is one of the most widely used browsers in the world and its support for Extensions gives it a lot of functionality with regard to other browsers. about:me is a Firefox extension that allows you to view your personal browsing statistics with all the results displayed in a single about me type page. It gives you information about the most visited websites and the amount of different type of stuff that you download.

It gives you a more interesting view of statistics about your browser usage and  provides a fun way to see personalized patterns in your interactions with Firefox. All the information is displayed in the form of graphs that illustrate trends in your browsing and downloads histories. The “Activity Stats” section displays the websites you visit most, including the individual pages you visit most within each top-level site. You also get information about your hourly browsing activity. The Download stats gives you the statistics about the different type of files that you download and your daily downloading trend.

This Firefox extension can work with the newer versions as well as the older versions of Firefox.