Manage and Organize Your eBooks with eLibrary

If you are fond of ebooks and have a good collection of ebooks on your Computer, then it must be difficult to organize and maintain them. A lot of time is also wasted while searching for a particular ebook on a Computer. eLibrary is a freeware eBook organizer with search and tagging capabilities.

It has got a user friendly interface which displays the book’s cover along with other information. You don’t need to enter any such information manually as they are automatically downloaded from the Internet along with the book’s cover. All the information is downloaded using the book’s ISBN number which can be entered manually or you can also let the application guess it by searching for the book on Google, Amazon etc. The program can also monitor your ebook directory and automatically scan for new books prompting you to add them to the collection. Some of its other features include

  • XML based Tag Tree which can be edit from within the UI or manually
  • Search & Sort by title, author and publisher
  • Password protected web access to your books from anywhere
  • File Renaming of books by template

This freeware is really useful for those who have a large collection of ebooks. It is a freeware and works on Windows XP/Vista/7.