Auslogics Task Manager is Windows Task Manager Replacement

The Built in Windows Task Manager doesn’t provide with enough information about the processes that are running on your Computer. If you want a greater control over your machine, you need to be aware of the processes and services that are running in the background and are consuming resources. Auslogics Task Manager is a free Windows Task Manager Alternative which provides information about running applications, processes, services along with Disk Activity, RAM usage, Internet Traffic etc.

The interface of the application is simple and divides the information into four sections which are Applications, Processes, Services and Open Files. The applications and processes window displays a list of all the processes and applications that are running along with the security rating gathered from there own FileInspect service, CPU usage, memory usage, Internet Traffic, disk utilization etc. The services displays the services that are running on the Computer along with there path and security rating. The Open files displays the files open in the operating system and the application that has put a lock on it. At the bottom, you will see a few graphs relating to CPU usage, Memory usage, disk activity and Internet Traffic. You can even view the graphs specific to an application.

The program is great if you want to find more information about the processes that are running in the operating system. It is a freeware and runs on Windows XP/Vista/7.