Optimize Images for the Web with Ignite Web Graphics Optimiser

Ignite Web Graphics Optimiser is a free tool using which you can optimize the images for your website or internet use and produce fast downloading GIFs and JPEGs. If you are planning on using images for your website or chopping them up for using them in tables and in web safe colors, you can give this a try. The program can automatically optimize the images for you or you can also choose your preferred setting if you want more control.

You can customize everything from transparency and interlacing to bit depth and colour palette locking and much more. You can even use it to create animated GIFs or you can also import your work and optimize it. The program gives you a lot of flexibility while working with colors. You can make Ignite automatically change any colour you select to it’s nearest web safe equivalent. It can also work with Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Painter, PhotoPaint and many other graphics applications. You can use your preferred graphics application and use the plugin to send your work to Ignite for quick optimization or to create animations.

It is a great program with some advanced features too. It is a freeware and works on all the version of Windows.