Jajuk is Free Music Player And Organizer

Jajuk is a free music player that can organize and play music. It is mainly geared towards advanced users who have a large and scattered music collection. It has got a lot of powerful features that can let you perform the same thing in multiple ways. It has got a very intuitive interface which provides a lot of information.

Some of its features include

  • Digital DJ: Let Jajuk make your playlist based on your own rule
  • Ambience management: ask for a soft playlist in two clicks maximum
  • Advanced rating system : banning system, clever rating based both on user preference
  • Find duplicate tracks: inbuilt feature to find duplicate tracks across your audio collection
  • Prepare party: allows to quickly copy playlist tracks to an external device
  • “Shuffle” smart function to play shuffled selection, track by track, inside an album or album by album
  • “Finish album” smart function to finish current album even in the middle of a shuffled playlist
  • Intro from a track position and specified length
  • Automatic indexing: Jajuk uses an XML database to store collection tags. It allows a fast startup even for very large collections
  • Collection (indexes) can be used by multiple users and between multiple computers
  • Instant search box to perform quick searches
  • Auto-covers grabbing from the web with possibility to store them on your disk or make them your default cover

There are a lots of more features that you will find when you start using it. It is one of the best music organizers available . It is a freeware and works on almost all platforms.