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Radian is An Application Launcher with Unique Interface

Radian is a very simple application launcher but unlike other application launchers, it has a very unique interface design which is divided into four slices and is triggered by a continuous right click.

Resize Images Automatically with Dropresize

As a blogger, i have to constantly resize images every time i upload them on any of my blogs. If you also find yourself resizing images a lot, then check out Dropresize. It is a free application which can automate the job of image resizing for you.

Add Watermark to Your Images with Siotra Watermark

Siotra Watermark is a small and free application using which you can add watermark to your images very easily. The program is very easy to use and comes with some options that you can configure.

Change Desktop Wallpapers Automatically with Photostand

Photostand is a free application which can automatically change your desktop wallpapers at specified intervals. You can specify the folders which contains your wallpapers or it can also use wallpapers from the huge collection of wallpapers on the program’s Internet Database.

Karen’s Replicator is Easy to Use Backup Tool

Karen’s Replicator is a freeware and easy to use Backup Tool using which you can take a backup of your folders, file and even entire drives. You can create and save jobs and schedule it to run at certain dates and times so you don’t have to manually do anything.