Convert Images to Sweet Music with i2sm

Now this is a really different program that i recently discovered. i2sm is a free program that allows you to  convert JPG and PNG images to MIDI sound compositions. There are millions of colors in the images and i2sm translates those millions of colors into 128 possible notes to create a unique acoustic music that can sometimes turn out to be good.

The program also offers customization options. You can choose between variety of instruments and also adjust several settings to smooth transition between notes, duration of each note, extend of the analysis, and much more. It analyzes the hue (color), the saturation (intensity) and the brightness of each pixel then i2sm translates that information into a note and adds it to the song file which it them plays in the Media player. You can then export it as a .mid file.

So if you are getting bored, you can use the time to paint a wonderful song. It is a freeware and works on Windows.