Manage Sticky Notes and Reminders with PrestoNotes

PrestoNotes is a freeware using which you can create small sticky notes and show them on your desktop.  These can be quite productive at times and can remind you of certain tasks that you need to do. The notes can be hidden and shown as needed and you can also show image files in them.

The sticky notes can be fully customized based on colour, font, background, image, transparency, position, size, title bar, scroll bar. That’s not all, you can also associate and add a reminder with each note that will remind you one time or at selected intervals. The reminder can force the note to show on the screen and can also play an alert or sound to remind you. You can also make the reminder start the application of your choice and it can also change the wallpaper or the screensaver. It also works on the network and you can also send notes through LAN. You can also print the notes as it appears on the screen.

The program is a freeware and works on almost all the version of Windows.