Radian is An Application Launcher with Unique Interface

Radian is a very simple application launcher but unlike other application launchers, it has a very unique interface design which is divided into four slices and is triggered by a continuous right click.

The launcher is hidden until it is triggered by continuous right click anywhere on the screen. This will bring up a small launch pad which will provide access to four slices on which you can store your shortcuts. The slices can be configured differently and they support the following modes.

  • Custom – the slice will contain shortcuts manually dragged from existing shortcuts or files
  • Quick Launch – shortcuts from Windows’ Quick-Launch
  • Desktop – shortcut from Windows’ Desktop
  • Recent Docs – recently opened documents

The launcher can be accessed from anywhere on the screen.Once you have selected an application to launch the interface will go back into hiding mode. You can customize the application, change the colors of the slicers and all. Overall, it is a nice and different application launcher.

The program is a freeware and works on Windows XP/Vista/7 and requires .Net Framework 3 or greater.