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PasteCopy.Net is a free Windows Clipboard Manager

PasteCopy.Net is a free Windows Clipboard Manager that stores and keeps tracks of everything that you copy to the windows clipboard. It can store several items which can be copied onto Windows Clipboard with a single click or keyboard navigation.

Manage Windows 7 Context Menu with Right Click Extender

Right Click Extender is a freeware which allows you to add or remove items from your right click windows menu. You would have noticed that there are several option present in Windows right click menu that you hardly use. Besides, you may also be using some features which may not be present there. Right Click […]

Lock Computer using USB Drive with Predator

Predator is a freeware using which you can lock/unlock your Computer using a USB drive. Almost all your important files are contained in your Computer so it is better to keep it protected by locking it at all times when not in use. Instead of using Ctrl + Alt + Del to lock/unlock your computer, […]

Protect Confidential Files with Protect Me

Protect Me is a freeware using which enables you to store your important files inside secure executable file which can be opened by providing a valid password. If you want to send some confidential files to someone, you can use this to protect the files so that only those who know the password can access […]