Archive for May 2010

Manage Open Windows in 3D using T3Desk

T3Desk is a freeware which lets you preview all your open Windows in a 3D like style. It can be called as an Alt-Tab replacement but it lets you arrange the open and minimized windows in 3D style. Now instead of minimizing your windows to the taskbar, you can arrange them on your desktop in […]

Minimize Windows To System Tray with RBTray

Whenever you minimize any open window, the window is minimized to the system tray. RBTray is a freeware which enables you to minimize any window to the system tray instead of the taskbar. This way, you can open a lot of Windows without much cluttering.

Enhance Send To Menu with Send To Toys

The ‘Send To’ menu which appears when you right click on any file or folders lets you do of lot of common tasks like moving a file to a folder, sending the file as attachment etc. Send To Toys is a freeware which enhances the ‘Send To’ system menu and gives you a lot of […]

Manage Startup Programs with Clean Startup

Clean Startup as the name suggests is a freeware using which you can manage the programs which starts automatically when you start your Computer. Every time you turn on your computer, you will notice that a lot of programs are started automatically. While some may be useful, some may be useless that may be taking […]

Find Duplicate Files on Computer with AllDup

AllDup is a freeware which enables you to find duplicate files on your Computer. The programs has a host of options allowing you to find matches of file by size, name, date, attributes, created date and even byte to byte comparison. You can perform search across multiple folders or drives. The program implements a fast […]