Analyze Disk Space with GetFolderSize

GetFolderSize is a freeware utility which can be used to analyze the disk space of your hard drive. The program will scan your hard disk, USB drives, folders etc and will show you a detailed report about which folder is taking how much space. People who have multiple hard disks and often forget what they have copied here and there are certainly going to benefit from this.

On running the program, just select the drive or folder that you want to analyze and click the ‘Scan’ button. It will then quickly scan the drive and present to you a detailed report which shows the size of each folder, the percentage of disk space the folder is using, the number of files/ folders inside the drive etc. The program has a lot of customizable options. You can expand all the folders to get more detailed information using the click of a button. You can view the size of the folders/disk in Bytes, KB, MB or GB. You can even use it to find a file and even delete the files or send them to recycle bin if you want. The program also integrates with the context menu and you can directly call the program from explorer context menu. The report that is generated can be printed or can be exported to text or csv file.

The interface may seem a bit complicated at first but if you want to find out quickly which programs are taking too much space on your Computer, give this a shot. The program is a freeware and runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP. A portable version of the program is also available.