Dual Monitor Tools is a Nice Collection Of Tools For Dual Monitor Users

Dual Monitor Tools is a freeware software package with a set of handy tools for users who are using dual or multiple monitors. I am a big fan of multiple monitor setup as they make your life much easier as well as increase your productivity. Dual Monitor tools contains 4 utilities which is very handy while using dual or multiple monitor setups.

There are four tools which are currently available and you can install only the ones that you want. The different tools are

1) Swap Screen – This tool helps you in moving open windows from one monitor to another as well as minimizing all the open windows on a single monitor. It can also rotate the contents of the monitor and can also restrict mouse movement between monitors.

2) Dual Wallpaper – This tool is very helpful for desktop wallpaper management. You can stretch a single image across the monitors or use different images for each monitor.

3) DisMon – Some of the computer games or applications don’t run properly when you have dual monitor setup. This tool can be used to disable the secondary monitor while a specific application is running. The monitor will be re enabled again after the application has finished.

4) Dual Snap – This allows you to capture the current image on the primary manager and display it on the secondary monitor. The last few snapshots can also be stored.

All the utilities are standalone and require no installation. The programs are free as well as open source and runs on all the version of Windows.