Close Annoying Windows automatically with ClickOff

ClickOff is a freeware which allows you to close user confirmation dialog boxes and windows automatically without any click of the mouse. This is specially useful for people who get annoyed when they try to close a window and are greeted by a dialog box or window which says “Are you sure you want to close this window”. The application is a like an automatic button clicker and you can define rules for certain windows and it will then take care of those automatically.

You can create customized rules for different windows which can then be called automatically. You can even choose to click a specific button,maximize/minimize the window or send a left or right mouse click to the window. Apart from this, it has some other features like

  • Fills in text
  • Closes browser popups
  • Delay times can be set to allow user intervention
  • To close windows that contain certain words, wildcards can be used
  • Minimizes or maximizes windows
  • Can be disabled for a short period or permanently without having to be exited

The program user very less resource and it doesn’t slow down the system. It is a freeware and runs on all the version of Windows.